How to sell breakers to us.

Yes we buy MCBs, RCDs, RCBOs, MCCBs etc.

Every week we get offered far more breakers than we could ever purchase. Please kindly follow these simple guidelines.

Send plenty of good clear photos of what you have to WhatsApp 07745 572 332 and we can look at possibly making an offer.

Just line them up so we can read the makes and ratings printed on them.

No need to sort by type or brand etc. We don’t need a list, we never buy from lists, just lots and lots of good clear photos.

40-50 breakers lined up in each photo is fine – no need to photograph them individually so 500 breakers in 10 photos is fine

If we cannot see it in a photo we cannot make an offer on it :)

We don’t buy from lists, emails, xls, or pdf files - only photos sent on WhatsApp.

Our WhatsApp is 07745 572 332

Thank you